Protein Bowl

Post-workout feast: Fresh Spinach, carrots, tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, almonds, tofu, spicy hummus (and, not pictured, a side of baguette. Because a life without bread is a life not lived). Advertisements

Big & Tall

I suppose that my love for anything menswear or generally oversized clothing has become obvious by now, just as much as my appreciation for clothes that just fit well. As a tall individual… Continue reading

The Wanna-Be Model

Of course I’m flattered when the occasional person tells me I could be a model. Who wouldn’t be? But seeing that I am oh-so-humble and oh-so-self-deprecating, I always laugh it off with a… Continue reading

Summer Dreaming

  Summer Dreaming by lepetitmatin featuring vintage black sunglasses Edinburgh is a rainy, windy mess. No, it’s not that surprising for this country, even if it is May 1st. But as the summer… Continue reading

The Streets of Prague

  These past few weeks I have been in quite the nostalgic mood. Nostalgic for last year in Vienna and all that surrounds it. Today in particular I was thinking about the trip… Continue reading

At the Vienna Opera

Lachgummi Mensch, No. 2

Edinburgh in Bloom

  Sunny days are so rare in Edinburgh. So when one as beautiful as today comes along, you abandon your studies (which weren’t that productive anyway), grab a friend of the Scottish variety… Continue reading

Style Crush: Emma Stone

    Emma Stone: next to Emmanuelle Alt, my girl crush number one. However Stone transcends the “girl crush style” category into the “girl crush attitude” and “girl crush life” categories. Because, people,… Continue reading

The Unlikely Runner

Just as with eggnog and wearing jumpsuits, I was always into the idea of team sports but never really figured out a way to incorporate it into my life. Sure, I occasionally played… Continue reading

J.Crew Black and White Lookbook

        While innocently browsing the J.Crew site this evening (and placing several sale items into my basket – only to subsequently remove them after considering the current state of my… Continue reading

J’adore: Chunky Cardigan

  Two Christmases ago, the otherĀ American super storeĀ did a collaboration with Neiman Marcus. Actually, Neiman Marcus collaborated with many designers who then collaborated with Target….? I’m not sure what the original idea was,… Continue reading

Lachgummi Mensch No. 1

My Fossil Lady Croc

…is the name I’ve given this handbag. Oh, my dear Lady Croc. I saw you in the Fossil store window in Vienna a bit over a year and a half ago and, thanks… Continue reading

Tabletop #2: Study Edition