Back to Basics: Shoes

Back to Basics: Shoes by lepetitmatin featuring black pointy toe pumps A follow up of my Back to Basics post, here are the basic shoe styles that are essential for a chic and… Continue reading

tick tock tick tock

Stereotypical “girl gifts” (i.e. that little something you bestow upon your lady in hopes of making her love you or of, ahem, getting something in return) are more often than not of the ice-variety.… Continue reading

Nautical Sunny Sunday

          The one “print” I do feel comfortable wearing is the Breton stripe. Or the nautical stripe, or the French stripes, whatever you want to call it, they’re all… Continue reading

All Eyes on Vienna

  Yes, yes, yes I know that the previous post also had some kind of ‘eye’ idiom as the title. I’m just not that creative, especially on tired, clumsy Sunday mornings like this… Continue reading

The Eyes Have It

So, fellow exam-revision-procrastinators. Can we talk about methods to actively avoid studying? Obviously my go-to is shopping which my recent trip to Zara proves. However today I was in desperate need of new makeup. Desperate.… Continue reading


  My cousin is an artist. This is a canvas painting – yes, an actual painting – of me that she did almost seven years ago. (Wow, just having to count the years… Continue reading

The Brogues

  In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a tall person. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it recently, so I just wanted to remind everyone. Anyway, as a tall individual, especially of the… Continue reading

Christian Dior Resort 2015

Raf Simons – the artist – has done it again. Leave it to ol’ Raf to perfectly fuse Dior’s masculine suiting with ladylike looks. The Dior resort 2015 show that walked last night in… Continue reading

Echternacher See

  This photo was taken four years ago at the Echternacher See in Luxembourg. I was on “holiday” with my parents – it was more a return home than holidays, since we spent… Continue reading

Swiss Dreams

  Oh Zürich, how I miss you and your beauty. I should be studying for my last exams but instead I am looking at all the beautiful pictures I took of Zürich and Switzerland… Continue reading

Back to the Basics

Back to the basics by lepetitmatin featuring Karl Lagerfeld These are the puzzle pieces to my ideal wardrobe. Why? They’re chic, sleek, and versatile, interchangeable, accessible and, well, the perfect combination of effort… Continue reading

Books of the Rainbow

My heart was heavy as I trudged to the library last week to get some preparatory exam material, but I think my arm might have been a smidgen heavier as I schlepped these… Continue reading

Lachgummi Mensch No. 3

Mood Board, No. 1

Show me a black and white fashion editorial and I’ll be drooling within seconds. What can I say, I’m sucker for beautiful images of beautiful people being beautiful in my favorite beautiful colors.… Continue reading

French Pharmacy Beauty Haul

Okay, so we’ve all had these moments, right? It’s late. You’ve had one a few drinks too many, for instance, and you get home. Your New Year’s resolutions dictate that you will remove all… Continue reading