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Berlin Photo Diary

So. I finally, finally made it to my country’s capital. Twenty-two years is a long time, eh? Swiss Guy and I made the trip up there last week to visit his aunt and… Continue reading

To Be A Tourist

Ah, tourists. How we like to turn our noses up at the backpack- or fannypack-clad, map-carrying souls who are being choked by their own cameras. How we laugh, especially in Europe, at the… Continue reading


Boy, it’s been weeks since the last post, non? Well, here I am, back by no demand at all. I am sitting in my PJ’s, a tray of warm, sugary peanut butter cookies… Continue reading

The Full Monty

After a night spent kicking back with some friends and some pints at our Stammtisch in the ‘Conan Doyle’, it’s only natural to crave a nice, big, juicy breakfast the morning after. One… Continue reading

Votivkirche, Wien

All Eyes on Vienna

  Yes, yes, yes I know that the previous post also had some kind of ‘eye’ idiom as the title. I’m just not that creative, especially on tired, clumsy Sunday mornings like this… Continue reading

Swiss Dreams

  Oh Zürich, how I miss you and your beauty. I should be studying for my last exams but instead I am looking at all the beautiful pictures I took of Zürich and Switzerland… Continue reading

Big & Tall

I suppose that my love for anything menswear or generally oversized clothing has become obvious by now, just as much as my appreciation for clothes that just fit well. As a tall individual… Continue reading

The Wanna-Be Model

Of course I’m flattered when the occasional person tells me I could be a model. Who wouldn’t be? But seeing that I am oh-so-humble and oh-so-self-deprecating, I always laugh it off with a… Continue reading

Summer Dreaming

  Summer Dreaming by lepetitmatin featuring vintage black sunglasses Edinburgh is a rainy, windy mess. No, it’s not that surprising for this country, even if it is May 1st. But as the summer… Continue reading

The Streets of Prague

  These past few weeks I have been in quite the nostalgic mood. Nostalgic for last year in Vienna and all that surrounds it. Today in particular I was thinking about the trip… Continue reading

At the Vienna Opera

The Unlikely Runner

Just as with eggnog and wearing jumpsuits, I was always into the idea of team sports but never really figured out a way to incorporate it into my life. Sure, I occasionally played… Continue reading

Lachgummi Mensch No. 1

My Fossil Lady Croc

…is the name I’ve given this handbag. Oh, my dear Lady Croc. I saw you in the Fossil store window in Vienna a bit over a year and a half ago and, thanks… Continue reading