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Berlin Photo Diary

So. I finally, finally made it to my country’s capital. Twenty-two years is a long time, eh? Swiss Guy and I made the trip up there last week to visit his aunt and… Continue reading

Style Crush: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Layers. Layers. Layers. The Olsen guide to dressing basically rests upon how many layers you can wrap around your body and still be a functional, Starbucks cup toting, chic human being. Mary Kate… Continue reading

Shopping the Basics: COS and & Other Stories

When it comes to daily dressing, I am very much a fan of a uniform. Or at least a sartorial guideline. Where to start? With the basics. Now I know there’s a lot… Continue reading

To Be A Tourist

Ah, tourists. How we like to turn our noses up at the backpack- or fannypack-clad, map-carrying souls who are being choked by their own cameras. How we laugh, especially in Europe, at the… Continue reading

Fashion Talks

Last Friday evening, Swiss Guy and I, both not very bright-eyed nor bushy-tailed after an impromptu night out a few hours prior, took the train over to Winterthur for the opening of the… Continue reading

Move Your Muscles, Part II

I really cringe when I call myself a blogger, which however does not stop me from hashtagging the shit out of #fashionblogger #styleblogger #beautyblogger and lately #swissblogger on Instagram. Quite possibly I don’t… Continue reading

Move Your Muscles, Part I

Ah, summer. Days are longer, skin gets darker, hair gets lighter, people are happier…and smellier. Everything is rainbows and sunshine and people are farting glitter, yadda yadda yadda. Let’s save that for Pinterest.… Continue reading

“Sorry for that selfie” & Other Apologies

    So, I got a new phone. With my very first Swiss number. Exciting stuff, right? An iPhone at that, if only to aggravate Swiss Guy (he’s a Samsung man). Sure, it’s… Continue reading


Boy, it’s been weeks since the last post, non? Well, here I am, back by no demand at all. I am sitting in my PJ’s, a tray of warm, sugary peanut butter cookies… Continue reading

The Full Monty

After a night spent kicking back with some friends and some pints at our Stammtisch in the ‘Conan Doyle’, it’s only natural to crave a nice, big, juicy breakfast the morning after. One… Continue reading

Votivkirche, Wien

Shopping Philosophies

Lately the amounts in my non-existent Swiss bank accounts have been on the lower end of the spectrum (clarification: I don’t have a Swiss bank account – yet – but my Scottish piggy… Continue reading

tick tock tick tock

Stereotypical “girl gifts” (i.e. that little something you bestow upon your lady in hopes of making her love you or of, ahem, getting something in return) are more often than not of the ice-variety.… Continue reading

All Eyes on Vienna

  Yes, yes, yes I know that the previous post also had some kind of ‘eye’ idiom as the title. I’m just not that creative, especially on tired, clumsy Sunday mornings like this… Continue reading

The Eyes Have It

So, fellow exam-revision-procrastinators. Can we talk about methods to actively avoid studying? Obviously my go-to is shopping which my recent trip to Zara proves. However today I was in desperate need of new makeup. Desperate.… Continue reading