Shopping: Back to School

Aaahhhh back to school. I don’t care if Back to School Shopping has recently been deemed as “uncool” by the youngsters, I am still über excited. Not that I am doing any actual shopping, per se. But my mind is always in shopping mode (I can’t tell you how tired Swiss Guy is of me peering into every shop window on our Sunday stroll). And my mind is always in fashion mode! So here some fantasy back to school outfits if I had a) the money, b) the time, and c) the actual, real-life savvy of a stylist. Don’t be perturbed by that unfamiliar hint of color in the first look. Fall, Fashion Week, cold and harsh weather – it just begs reinvention, non? What better place to start than with the wardrobe?

Back to School: Chic Night Out




Back to School: Pre-Fall