Black on Black


Is wearing just black all the time really a necessity? For me, yes. Well, not all the time, of course, but for most of the time it is. Right off the bat let me just ask why black is always pegged as too dark, too drab, too boring, too goth or “too fashion,” if that’s a criticism? Black is just another color or non-color or what have you. It’s just like any other hue out there. Too much blue, too much pink, and an all lime-green look is just as bad or good or boring as an all black outfit. If you like orange, great. If you like yellow with magenta swirls, also great. And if  you like to drape yourself in velvet like George Costanza then more power to you!

Let me tell you something about black, and black-on-black-on-black outfits. Sure, it’s seen as the typical New Yorker uniform, especially if you’re a fashion person. But it’s a wonderful color….or shade…? It’s easy. It’s forgiving. It gives you instant polish and class. It’s perfect for mixing textures, for shapes, for cuts. And if I may “get real” with you, black is slimming, it hides your sweat stains.

Aesthetically I’m not the kind of person who enjoys wearing a lot of color. I do enjoy monotone looks, I like the simplicity. Although my daily tasks and corresponding thoughts are far from those of a rocket scientist, I simply cannot be bothered by the daily torment of “does this blue shirt goes with that purple skirt and do those green shoes look good with all of it.” Not to mention that the sheer mix of those three colors alone is a sensory overload that could throw my brain into a state of voluntary colorblindness.

Yes, all black or all white outfits have the chic fashion editor stigma attached to it and I would be lying if I didn’t say that that image has influenced my own perception of personal style. But what can I say? I wasn’t brainwashed. I genuinely enjoy slipping into Topshop black Baxter jeans and throwing on a black T-shirt from Zara’s men’s department. Top it off with a black sleeveless vest and some nice black flats (and a black handbag, naturally) and I am good to go. It’s not a ball gown, but I’d say that this ensemble is acceptable in 90% of daily activities and social events (for a fancier touch I’d swap the jeans for trousers or a skirt, or just the trusty LBD).

And if you like to dress up as an all-pink Barbie impersonator then that’s perfectly fine. Just keep the glitter away from me.

2712664_Untitled-1 bestdress-com-ua tumblr_mb5i20UP9C1r7vqqmo2_1280 tumblr_m26w5zE7jM1qhzt4ro1_500 giovanna_battaglia_all_black_outfit Dana Melanie - All Black Outfit Chanel-Little-Black-Dress-Milan-Exhibition-Karl-Lagerfeld