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Damn. And do I mean Damn with a big fat capital D. Lone Wolf magazine is damn fabulous.
Yesterday I came across an interview with Lone Wolf founder Natalia Borecka on Refinery29. Not only is Borecka herself a beautiful, gorgeous, super stylish and super smart lady (girl crush alert), but her creative capacities, as I have seen them funneled into Lone Wolf, are truly amazing. I’ve already spent a few good hours lost in the fashion spreads (which also include male models) and have passed another good hour or two glued to someĀ interesting and uplifting blogposts. Truly a place for intelligent women to find intelligent content on fashion and much, much more.
Now I wish I could just troll down to the Kiosk and pick up a copy of Lone Wolf along with my other monthly reads. But for beautifully composed online AND paper content, I’m willing to pay those few extra Swiss francs. Oh, and the joy of running to the mailbox and finding a copy of Lone Wolf mag inside is priceless. A magazine (and blog) of my own heart.

[all images from http://lonewolfmag.com]

natalia borecka

Natalia Borecka, via Refinery29

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