Style Crush: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Olsens-Anonymous-Blog-Mary-Kate-Ashley-Olsen-Paris-Fashion-Week-Vogue-Street-Style-Shot-2014Layers. Layers. Layers. The Olsen guide to dressing basically rests upon how many layers you can wrap around your body and still be a functional, Starbucks cup toting, chic human being. Mary Kate and Ashley have gotten a lot of flak over the years – I guess all child stars do, and it’s even more relevant when you grow up with them. When I was little I was obsessed with their movies (not so much with Full House, even at that age I was aware of its incredible cheesiness). Nowadays I’m obsessed with their very successful clothing lines, especially with The Row. And I’m a huge fan of their personal style, even if some of their looks don’t always correspond with my own (I don’t bohemian. Ever).
Layers, of course, are one of the keys to my heart. But other objects of my affection are also represented in MK&A’s (ehm kay and ay) looks. Overwhelmingly dark, neutrals, menswear inspired pieces, just-rolled-out-of-bed-head-chic, great tailoring and minimalism.
But what I really respect is that they take risks. Obviously they are aware that they are petite women, and yet the Olsen twins don’t shy away from oversized blazers and jackets, nor from floor-length skirts, and also not from conservatively cut pieces (which, admittedly, do sometimes look frumpy). The Olsens experiment with fabric and with pattern combinations – and of course, speaking of layers, with the strength of their small, slender frames.

Again, as with Emmanuelle Alt, it’s all in the attitude, the presentation. I lack a certain sartorial self confidence that lets me look cool in just a button down and skinny jeans (my tall, man-ish frame might be to blame. But let’s not get into a size fight here). I can’t wait to see more of Mary Kate and Ashley’s own looks and especially for the next The Row collection. Such modern, minimalist luxury.

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