Fashion Talks

fashion talksLast Friday evening, Swiss Guy and I, both not very bright-eyed nor bushy-tailed after an impromptu night out a few hours prior, took the train over to Winterthur for the opening of the ‘FashionTalks’ exhibition. Don’t let the apéro fool you, this was approximately a 2 on the Met Gala scale of fashion fanciness. Nevertheless, my love and I and a good number of well dressed old folks climbed the beautiful staircase of the Gewerbemuseum to listen to the curators of the exhibition, Vera Franke and Bitten Stetter, talk about the inspiration behind their project. The concept was style and communication, that is, how personal style conveys an image, an attitude, a lifestyle, a persona. Broken down into chapters of trends, fabrics, and motivations, the exhibition had a lot to offer. There was an entire room dedicated to denim and another to teenage style (a project by a ZHdK student), as well as special attention to fashion history and the importance of tartan, camouflage and logos.

As an individual who doles out judgments based on clothing (a bad habit, but I kind of enjoy it), I’ve often placed others in certain categories based on their wardrobe choices. But after leaving the exhibition, my fashion police radar was much more acute. Just walking back to the train station, I could immediately pick out the nerds from the hipsters, the punks from the goths, the posh from the douchebags. But it wasn’t quite the classifications of a snob, but more of an awareness of how much fashion really influences our daily life, our personality.

‘Fashion Talks’ opened my eyes a bit wider to personal style choices. I’d like to think I ammore objective in my approach to other people’s preferences as they are hopefully of mine. Although I play it quite safe. Anyway, if any of you are in Winterthur, near Zürich, in Switzerland, or are just so incredibly intrigued thanks to my post, then I definitely recommend having a look at the exhibition.

Gewerbemuseum Winterthur
Kirchplatz 14
CH – 8400 Winterthur
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