Move Your Muscles, Part II

I really cringe when I call myself a blogger, which however does not stop me from hashtagging the shit out of #fashionblogger #styleblogger #beautyblogger and lately #swissblogger on Instagram. Quite possibly I don’t even deserve the term since most days I get headaches just from thinking about content for another post. Sure, I could take a page out of other bloggers’ books and just type up what I had for breakfast (yogurt), my plans for the day (packing), and how I feel about the weather (apathetic). Kind of like a diary…or a web log of some kind. Given, I do follow this template on occasion. But not every day. I would bore myself to death.

In all sincerity, I am not pretending that this little blog of mine offers the most groundbreaking of content. However I do want to be selective with what I offer my readers. This is not to say that the long time between posts is due to some kind of big league production going on behind the le petit matin scenes. It is, dear friends, my lack of creativity. Originality. Unique thought and also a tiny absence of motivation.

So this summer is all about moving my creative muscles, along with moving my real, physical ones. A few days ago I spent the better half of an afternoon reading old Man Repeller posts and just thinking “Wow, this is great stuff.” Of course, as most in my “field” (writing? reading? creative arts? who knows), and especially just as those who have any interest in fashion, I admire Leandra Medine’s approach. And content. And attitude. And her style. And, of course, the way in which she writes and creates with apparent ease and humor.

You would think that in the laziness of summertime, without any commitments besides waking up, eating, and showering at some point, I could fill my days with exciting activities. Excursions to Lichtenstein! Trips to the Zürcher lake! Art classes! Movie nights! Mystery dinner parties! All these great things that would provide in the very least some kind of mention on the blog, and at most, incredible content.

Maybe I’ll get around to doing these things this summer. If not, I still have my self-implemented task of writing every day. Not necessarily on the blog, but just something. Primarily in German, since I need to beef up my journalistic writing skills. Academic requirements aside, I also want to write for myself. I want to be able to express the thoughts and emotions in the written word (poetic, non?). For the sake of brevity let me just conclude that I am moving my creative muscles through trainings in description and contemplation. Or just ramblings. Which is usually how all of my written work ends. Like now…yeah.

So! Know that that’s out there, I am pleased to announce that in a week’s time I can share with you all the happenings around my imminent graduation from Edinburgh University. Starting with tonight’s flight back to Scotland, which should be a hoot. Swiss Guy has been dreaming about the deliciously crafted Scottish beer that we left stocked in my fridge over there. I guess that’s #fridaynight taken care of.