Cozy, masculine, feminine, chic – The Row Resort 2015


Clean cuts and muted tones: Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s luxury clothing line The Row has yet again brought together emblems of classic chic and menswear, with just that touch of boho that defines their own personal style. The textures alone are a dream. Suede jackets and sleeveless vests, wool blazers, chunky knits, silk trousers and dresses, and deliciously rich leather accessories. Personal favorites are the double-breasted blazer (below), the cuffed, slim-legged trousers, and basically everything that is belted and knotted so expertly. Underneath the classically tailored coats with the slitted sleeves there are granny skirts that I am not the biggest fan of. But cast your eyes lower and you will find black and dual tone brogues that are one of my favorite adaptations from a man’s wardrobe, next to oversized sweaters, of course, which The Row presents in the fisherman variety. I especially love the cream and black combination, takes my thoughts to topknots and ballerinas. In fact, it’s like the ballet met Gregory Peck. As said, a cocktail of cozy, masculine, feminine, chic.

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