“Sorry for that selfie” & Other Apologies






So, I got a new phone. With my very first Swiss number. Exciting stuff, right? An iPhone at that, if only to aggravate Swiss Guy (he’s a Samsung man). Sure, it’s faster, smarter and apple-ier than my last phone, but what has me the most excited is the camera. Why? Instagram. Oh, yes. Instagram. No more blurry, iPod Touch generated photos. I’d like to say I am a shameless ‘grammer, snapping away happily and carefree at my artfully created latte and the beautifully setting sun. But no. I am an apologetic Instagram user.

Maybe it’s because I spent the first years of Instagram’s inception making fun of those using this photo-sharing social media platform, they most notoriously of the hipster persuasion. How stupid and useless it seemed to take shots of the food you just ate, the shoes you just bought, the beach you’re sitting at. Much like Twitter and Facebook statuses, my attitude was: who cares? For the most part, it still is. But you will find me on all three of those platforms as an active, daily user. In fact I try to refresh my Instagram feed every hour (now much easier to do with said iPhone) (and yes, I need a new hobby). And yet I feel guilty. My immediate reaction after opening the app is to apologize to Swiss Guy for wasting time on such silliness, for being “one of those” people, for taking selfies, for snapping my food, for posting what I am wearing today. What’s the point, really?

There is one. The fact is that these social media platforms are indeed very social, especially Instagram. I am virtual friends with people who share my interests and aesthetic outlook. I am inspired by their posts and thoughts and I hope I can do the same for them. Since I barely have friends who are as invested in the fashion world as I am, it’s nice to socialize with people who know who designs for Givenchy, what Karl Lagerfeld’s cat’s name is, and who are #hashtag lovers (ironic love is still love, non?).

For years I have been apologizing for and half-heartedly defending my love for all things fashion, beauty, lifestyle related. To parents, to family, to friends, to uninterested strangers. When I first started with Instagram, I tried to sneakily take pictures while Swiss Guy wasn’t watching. I didn’t ask anyone if they had an account. I was embarrassed. How shallow was I, only following models, designers, fashion houses, and magazines on Instagram and Twitter? But I’m done apologizing. I like Twitter and I love Instagram. It’s fun, it’s inspiring. Yes yes yes, the “shallow fashion world” stereotypes may have some merit, but not on The Devil Wears Prada level. If I may get cheesy: Instagram users, and especially those in my network, always make the day a bit brighter. Okay, end of cheese.

All that said, here is a totally shameless plug to follow me on Instagram @lepetitmatinblog and on Twitter @petitmatinblog. Hope to see you there!