Who likes men’s shorts?


Some girls shop their boyfriend’s closet for the sake of a borrowed-from-the-boys inspired outfit. Understandable. However when you’re in the midst of a Swiss heatwave and all of your summer clothing is far away in Atlanta, USA, then taking your boyfriend’s shorts is a matter of necessity more than of style. But also a great style challenge! To save my legs from turning into denim-encased puddles, Swiss Guy so kindly lent me a pair of his shorts until I go shopping (which is also out of necessity). Since I’ve only borrowed his shirts and sweaters in the past, it was quite different but still very much exciting to wear something for the stems. As much as I love these maroon shorts on Swiss Guy, they do add a fabulous touch of color to my otherwise monochrome wardrobe. Here I paired these H&M shorts with a lovely, sleeveless Peter Pan collared shirt and a black belt, along with black smoking slippers. Since my feet are in as poor condition as my shockingly white legs, my hooves have been banished to closed shoes for a while. These flats have been my go-to for the past weeks. They’re a classic style and go with every outfit. Every. Outfit.

Our new flat has some great natural light streaming in which is perfect for picture taking. What’s not so great for picture taking is a lack of a tripod and a still sleeping Swiss Guy, leaving me to mount my camera on a tower of moving boxes. But it kind of worked? Yes? Great.

Shirt: Esprit

Shorts: H&M

Belt: Zara

Shoes: Zara

IMG_3569 IMG_3570 IMG_3578 IMG_3582