IMG_20140602_111533Boy, it’s been weeks since the last post, non? Well, here I am, back by no demand at all. I am sitting in my PJ’s, a tray of warm, sugary peanut butter cookies behind me on the kitchen counter. Today is Moving Day, so I baked some goodies to keep our gracious movers (that is, Swiss Guy’s pals) motivated and strong. Not that we have a lot to schlepp over to our new and first flat together, but I think my many suitcases filled with blazers and Kafka novels could rival the weight of our dear little MALM bed.

It’s been a long lead up to this day, starting last August when Swiss Guy left the States after our summer there. Living together in Switzerland was the end goal and after nine tortuous months of a long distance relationship, we have finally gotten to the fateful move in date. And I couldn’t be more excited! Of course first we have to get over the stress of organizing various things (Which side of the bed do you want to sleep on? Where should we store our one and only pan? I think the sofa looks better over here), I think I’m still going to enjoy every part of it. Well, maybe not so much the week without wifi. But I guess we can just…talk or something. Do people still do that?

My overwhelming happiness to live with Swiss Guy aside, this is also a big step in the “adulthood department.” Sure I’ve lived alone in foreign countries before, but now shit is getting serious. Because Switzerland is a serious country (at least the German part is). Not that it is of any particular interest to you, but I’m taking charge of my finances and becoming fiscally responsible. I know. Me. Responsible with money. I’ll keep you updated on that one. Another grueling task of being an adult, especially one that has just been transplanted to a new city, it to make friends. You may say, “But that’s so easy for you, Sophia, what with your charming personality and good looks.” Thank you, thank you, I know. But even so it is difficult to make friends and acquaintances when you’re not forced to sit in the same classroom or pass the ball in P.E.  So it’s time to go and be social and chat up a lot of people. Sounds creepy. Does anyone have any pick-up lines for friendships? And, more importantly, how can I maneuver myself onto the roof terrace of the people across the street?

Last but not least, and it’s a weird thing to wish for, but I want to learn. More and more. About literature, art, music, philosophies, useless facts, how to make cornbread, what-have-you. Since we’re all about ch-ch-ch-changes over here (in the birthplace of Dadaism, no less) I want to absorb some new things. How cheesy to say, but I want to be inspired. For blogposts, for conversations, or just for my own thoughts. I know it’s a vague demand, but if any of you have any ideas, please send them my way. Swiss Guy already has a running list of things to teach me (on the top: LaTeX…..yeah).

Well, off to make the second batch of cookies. If Swisscom installs our internet quickly, the next post will be from the new flat. If not, expect some kind of “That time, in Starbucks” stories.