Lancôme Beauty


Hello, Zürich! Yes, Swiss Guy and I are back in town and here to stay. Since our late arrival on Thursday evening we’ve been busy with friends, family, paperwork and all that good stuff. I know y’all have been dying for a new blogpost (I can hear your cries from miles away), so here it is! A brand spanking new post about my two brand spanking new mascaras from Lancôme. Usually I’m quick to make fun of those who shop duty free (especially if they’re inclined to purchase Swarovski from a pushcart thousands of feet up in the air) but as my air travel has become more frequent this past year, the concept of duty free shopping has grown on me. So much so that I belong to those hoards of travelers who fill their time and their carry-ons with cheap-but-not-that-much-cheaper designer products. Personally I gravitate towards beauty products, and this time around I invested in two excellent mascaras from Lancôme, both of which come highly recommended. The first is the Hypnôse Drama, which is great for a daily full lash look. Swiss Guy’s sister actually asked me yesterday if I had glued on some fake lashes. That’s how amazing this mascara is. The second one is Hypnôse Star, which is supposed to be even more qualified in the full, voluminous, dramatic lashes department. Both wands are absolutely delicious, but especially the Star with the glitter handle (I can’t believe I’m praising glitter). But they are both so chic and, what’s more, effective. No smudging, no running, no clumping and a great pleasure to apply.

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