The Full Monty


After a night spent kicking back with some friends and some pints at our Stammtisch in the ‘Conan Doyle’, it’s only natural to crave a nice, big, juicy breakfast the morning after. One that will really rattle the last bit of sleepiness out of you and give you the energy to run for miles (after digestion, of course). I wish I could claim Kilimanjaro’s full breakfast as my best kept secret in Edinburgh. However most people know and love it, and that’s totally fine as long as I can get a table. The first time I was together with Swiss Guy in Edinburgh I brought him to Kilimanjaro to experience the only culinary awesomeness that Britain can be proud of. It includes a fried egg, a fried tomato, sausage, bacon, toast, mushrooms, haggis, and a potato scone (as the vegetarian I opt for the veggie sausages and the veggies haggis). So filling. So good. And if you have a little extra room in your stomach I can only recommend the scones.

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