Easy Breezy Beautiful Edinburgh


Swiss Guy is back in town! Nothing could make me happier. And knowing that we finally have an apartment waiting for us, just the two of us, back in Zürich is just the cherry on top. Even Edinburgh’s weather is happy. After a morning of grey clouds and extreme, hair-ruining wind, the sun finally popped through and warmed our pale skin. We went for a stroll and had a coffee on a bench in the Links and then, of course, I employed Swiss Guy as my photographer. We’re both trying to get more into our respective “fields” for this blog. I as a model and stylist, and he as a photographer. So bear with us, this might get experimental.

Exams are coming to a close, the one way ticket to Switzerland is booked, and our long-distance relationship is finally a no-distance relationship (yeah, we’re attached at the hip). I am excited to move and to experience and see and try new things, be it in Switzerland or with this blog, photography, fashion and travel. Maybe it’s the pizza-induced endorphins talking, but: life is good. So let’s enjoy it :)

This outfit isn’t the most creative. Most of my things are either already in Switzerland or packed away in one of my two massive suitcases. Basically I am working with two pairs of jeans, monochrome shirts, and three different kinds of jackets. I love these Levi’s because, well, stretch. So forgiving. The shirt is from the Zara Men’s department (loooove) and my favorite moto jacket from Topshop. Easy breezy beautiful Covergirl  Edinburgh outfit of the day.

Jeans: Levi’s

Shirt: Zara

Jacket: Topshop

Boots: Topshop

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

Sweater: Topshop

IMG_3415IMG_3417 IMG_3406 IMG_3404

IMG_3387 IMG_3392 IMG_3379 IMG_3375 IMG_3369