Creme de Corps


As dermatologists, skincare gurus and overly aware internet beauty freaks will tell you, your skin changes over time. Aging, seasons, lifestyle changes all play a roll in the health and happiness of your skin. For the past few months I have seen my skin turn into the epidermis from hell. It had always been easy to take care of: not sensitive to any products and highly adaptable to any environment. But suddenly my arms and legs were really dry, itchy and painful. I tried new shower gels, fragrance free laundry detergents, all these kinds of body lotions but nothing seemed to make it better. I decided to try Kiehl’s Creme de Corps  after hearing so much about it. It’s fragrance free and super moisturizing and it glides onto the skin as smoothly as pulling on a silk glove. I dried the whipped body butter first which was a dream and have now decided to try the original product. It’s delicious. And my skin is so happy. Hopefully it will stay that way as well. Another reason why I love Creme de Corps is that it contain Beta-Carotene: it gives your body a natural glow. Okay, maybe not Twilight-vampire-level sparkle but you can definitely eat fewer carrots.

Kiehl’s is a magical place, I really want to try and buy everything they have on their shelves. Luckily you always leave with a handful of samples. This time around the woman gave me a sample of the Midnight Recovery Concentrate (which I’ve had before and it is also very delicious, it’s like floating on a cloud into dreamland), the matching eye cream and the Skin Rescuer, which I’ve also had a bottle of before. I can definitely vouch for its stress-minimizing and hydrating properties.

Here are some other samples that I’ve found along the way, looking forward to trying them all and maybe purchasing the full size version (especially Chanel, if just for the beautiful compact).


IMG_3356 IMG_3352