Shopping Philosophies


Lately the amounts in my non-existent Swiss bank accounts have been on the lower end of the spectrum (clarification: I don’t have a Swiss bank account – yet – but my Scottish piggy bank is definitely crying for some fattening up). This predicament stands in direct contradiction to my inherent and completely understandable desire to shop. As I’ve mentioned before, I really have my eyes set on certain stores and pieces that have a mark of quality and ethics but still remain on the relatively inexpensive side of things, in fashion world terms. However my other love of nice skincare and beauty products, as well as that annoying human need for food, have recently left the shopping funds drier than a martini served in the Sahara (my simile generator is also running dry). The desire to shop is still there – always there, in fact – and it’s a bit frustrating. Yes, yes, I know there are far more important things in life than shopping and buying and getting more and more stuff. In my defense, when I mean “shop”, I don’t go on extreme binges where you come home with thirteen bags full of crap. When I shop, I buy one or two, max three pieces that I’ve had my eye on for a while and that add to my general wardrobe. Since the big move to Switzerland is imminent I’ve made it a personal quest/dream/desire/mission to completely and fully adhere to the concepts of my “dream wardrobe,” that is, only invest in pieces that I will wear always and with everything and that exude that chic, elegant, clean, sophisticated and yet minimalistic look that I want to achieve with my clothing (and with life). And frankly, it’s Zürich, baby. There are only beautiful, slim people and ads of expensive watches, and not the less genetically blessed inhabitants of Scotland standing next to posters for KFC.

I realize how incredibly vain and superficial this is. But that’s me. I realize it, but I cannot change it. And I do not want to change it. Although I am by no means living a life of luxury, I strive for it. And before this entire post runs away with my tedious, mentally rehearsed lecture on lifestyle, money, and travel, let’s keep it to this: at the moment I am only indulging in online and magazine window shopping. The occasional real life shopping trip can be undertaken, however thereby I run the risk of compromising my new style philosophy (today I used all the will power in my shopping reserve to put back a black tuxedo blazer that cost too much for what it was worth.) And I should be studying anyway.

Until I land my well-paying dream job, win the lottery, or this blog finally takes me places beyond my own ramblings, let us all enjoy these beautiful images of, you guessed it, my style inspiration.

[all images from Pinterest, except those of Kayture, they’re from Instagram]



I have been absolutely obsessed with lately, a Swiss fashion blog by Kristina Bazan. These looks (above and the two lower ones) are superb. Total inspiration!


style inspo

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