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courtesy thisfashionismine.com

courtesy thisfashionismine.com

Stereotypical “girl gifts” (i.e. that little something you bestow upon your lady in hopes of making her love you or of, ahem, getting something in return) are more often than not of the ice-variety. Jewels. Bling bling. Diamonds are a girl’s best friend? I beg to differ. And flowers? Let’s not even go there, although I would take flowers over jewelry any day, even though they die quickly and stink quite badly in the process.

But I have never been a jewelry person. It’s so fidgety, so dainty, almost too precious. Necklaces are bound to choke you at some point or get caught in your hair (as are earrings, one of the many reasons I’ve never had my ears pierced). Bracelets are usually always in the way, and those damn bangles  slide up and down your wrists, jingling like it’s Christmas Eve. Rings are by far the worst, I feel like they are going to cut off the circulation to my fingers (and considering that I already have such poor circulation, this is most unwanted). When I was seven my grandmother gave me a gold necklace with a teddy bear on it for Christmas and I plain out refused to have it (that’s not so shocking. When I was six I cut up a pair of jeans my mother bought me because I was in a leggings phase. Spoiled brat, I know)

Now all you dapper gentlemen out there might be asking yourself “But what will I give my beloved for her birthday/Christmas/anniversary/random Wednesday evening?” Fret not, bros, I have a classy and chic and practical solution (you know how much I love something practical). Just give her a watch. No, not just any watch. A nice watch. Now let me plug some Switzerland and recommend a Swiss watch. So many beautiful options from such established watchmakers, how could you not find something? Lately I have been dreaming of building a watch wardrobe (and a shoe wardrobe, coat wardrobe, bra wardrobe…yeah, that’s a thing). It’s nice to have different watches for different occasions. Business meeting? Rolex. Lunch with friends? Omega. Drinks with your lover? Chopard. International Jetsetting? Breitling.

Here you can see some of my current favorites. In the past I’ve gravitated to watches with leather straps, but after countless strolls with Swiss Guy through the city, past so many watchmaker’s shop windows, I’m more than open to different styles.

P.S. Ladies, watches are also a fantastic gift for the man in your life (I feel like I’m writing an ad for Just Jared) Also something for your best friend. Just make sure you know them, because timepieces are definitely a personal gift.

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