Nautical Sunny Sunday

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The one “print” I do feel comfortable wearing is the Breton stripe. Or the nautical stripe, or the French stripes, whatever you want to call it, they’re all the same thing. But if we stay in the nautical vein, it’s easy to see how the striped shirt can really bring about summer sunshine motivation. Sure, I’m still stuck in exam season (just in case I haven’t complained about it enough) but wearing a Breton shirt definitely lifts my mood and reminds me that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Literal light in sunny, sunny Switzerland.

But today, Mother’s Day, Edinburgh does have its own fair share of sunshine. Naturally I am spending it indoors with my notes and anxieties, however I felt compelled to take a “study break” and document the outfit of the day.

And yeah, I know, I should really get a photographer. Swiss Guy and friends usually take care of it, but I don’t usually plan photo shoots. My brain just goes “Hey! I like what you’re (we’re?) wearing. Let’s share it with the world!” No time to contact Momo or Rorz or import dear Swiss Guy (although he is coming soooon and I couldn’t be more exciiiiiited notice the drawn out voweeeels that demonstrate my excitemeeeent).

Anyway, my study break was productive so here is the fruit of my labor. Oh, how I labored. Truly. My arms are weak sticks that don’t lend themselves to the selfie-mode of photography. Outfit details below!IMG_3332 IMG_3324IMG_3315IMG_3327

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Shirt: Zara

Sleeveless Vest: Topshop

Jeans: Levi’s

Socks: J.crew

Blazer: Gap

Shoes: Clark’s