All Eyes on Vienna



Yes, yes, yes I know that the previous post also had some kind of ‘eye’ idiom as the title. I’m just not that creative, especially on tired, clumsy Sunday mornings like this one (just managed to spill my delicious freshly brewed coffee on my also very delicious, freshly cleaned bedsheets. Off they go the wash again….) My exhaustion stems from last night’s Eurovision song contest which is, as you all know, the European event of the year (just kidding). But it still manages to get lots of people excited, me being the first to deny that I secretly love watching it. I’m kind of bummed out that most of the singers choose to perform in English (except for France, because they know that preserving languages is important). And yet I don’t think Conchita Wurst’s song “Rise Like a Phoenix” would have been as powerful had it been sung in Austrian German. To the dismay of both Momo and Rorz, who hosted the song contest viewing last night, I was so in love with this performance that I kept singing the song the entire night. It’s amazing, total Bond film material. I love the drama of it, it’s just so awesome. And rest assured that I will be belting this number out after my last exam. (I will riiiise like a phoenix!)

So, with Conchita winning Eurovision and it being so close to summer and all, Vienna has been on my mind. Well, more than usual. Every so often I browse through pictures of Swiss Guy and me together in that beautiful city and think of all the great memories. Swiss Guy took the photo of me above while we were lying on the lawns in front of the Kunsthistorisches Museum, which is the building you see in the reflection of my sunglasses (please excuse the nostril). Not to make this into an add for the Samsung Galaxy, but look at that picture quality! I’m very impressed. Brings me right back to all those summer days spent strolling through the ninth district, stopping at terraces for a coffee or an Ottakringer beer (dunkel, natürlich). Oh Vienna, Swiss Guy and I will be back very soon! Latest for the Eurovision contest 2015.