The Eyes Have It


So, fellow exam-revision-procrastinators. Can we talk about methods to actively avoid studying? Obviously my go-to is shopping which my recent trip to Zara proves. However today I was in desperate need of new makeup. Desperate. Need. Yes, it was crucial for my survival. Since I’ve been looking at so many beauty blogs lately, I decided that I wanted to play around a bit as well. So I off I go to Superdrug and test about a billion different eyeliners before settling on Maybelline’s Master Smoky in chocolate and their Expression Kajal in black. Oh yes, I’ve been envisioning some dramatic looks lately. The smokiest of all smoky eyes. Since my old mascara was kind of dud and made my eyes burn like booties during Bootcamp, I also purchased Maybelline’s The Falsies Volum’ Express in black drama. Drama. Yes. Didn’t I say so? But just look at my lashes in the photo above! I think it’s pretty effective, non?

You know that moment of sheer joy when you get something in the mail? Well, today I finally did (sure, I was expecting it, but still! It’s like someone was thinking of me) (it’s usually me. I always think of me). A few days ago I ordered a book called “Die Kunst ein kreatives Leben zu führen” (the art of living a creative life). I read the review on Annabelle and was immediately intrigued. A few minutes later I was rid of the money I am supposed to be using to buy edible sustenance. Although you could see this as sustenance for the brain. I am so excited to get started. And I shall definitely be talking about it once I progress.

However tonight is not the night. For tonight is Eurovision! Yes, Eurovision! Rorz is hosting a party and it’s going to be a spectacular mess (not the party, the contest). Oh, I am so ready for the buckets of cheesiness these Europeans songsters and songstresses will throw at me. Bring it on!

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