The Brogues



In case you haven’t noticed yet, I’m a tall person. I don’t think I’ve mentioned it recently, so I just wanted to remind everyone. Anyway, as a tall individual, especially of the female persuasion, it is difficult to wear heels. Confidence and balance issues come to mind, as do low hanging branches and the mirrors of Edinburgh double decker busses (now there’s an accident waiting to happen). So in order to combat bare-footedness, I have to rely on shoes with low to no heel. Sure, there’s quite the selection of nice flats out there, but I can’t trust a little flimsy something to protect my stompers while I oh so elegantly trudge through the (often wet) streets of the Scottish capital. What I need is a real shoe, damnit! A shoe with a good sole (get it?)

Enter: the brogue. What a surprise that I am once again sharing my undying love for menswear. But I assure you, these babies came from the women’s department, although historically they trace their roots to the feet of men. I completely endorse the brogue for ladies! All that talk of the perfect balance between masculine and feminine aside, brogues are as pretty as they are practical. Invest in something made of beautiful leather and you’ve just bought yourself a friend for life (if you have a good cobbler).

I love wearing my brogues (these are from Clarks – I told you I love a sensible shoe) with blue jeans and a white button down shirt (no blazer, that’s almost too masculine), or with a short, wool skirt and black tights in the winter for that bookish/intellectual look. My next step is to wear them with loose fitting denim shorts and that same button down in the summer. The only risk, of course, is sweaty feet. We suffer for fashion, but I’m not quite ready to stink for fashion…

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