Echternacher See

ducks copy


This photo was taken four years ago at the Echternacher See in Luxembourg. I was on “holiday” with my parents – it was more a return home than holidays, since we spent a month in the Eifel, the area of Germany where I grew up. An entire month I relived all the moments from my childhood, including going to the Echternacher See. We use to go there all the time with my cousins, on our bikes or roller skates, walk around the lake, play on the playground and eat chocolate chip cookies in the grass. So many wonderful hours spent there, it was great returning after three years living in the US.

Last February I was in Germany again to meet my mother. I flew in from Vienna and she from Alabama and we stayed at my aunt’s house. Of course we drove to the Echternacher See but, since it was February in the coldest winter ever, it wasn’t as enjoyable. I huddled into my coat and wrapped my scarf around my head. Quite the look!

Now, the plan is to go back during the hot summer and show this lake to Swiss Guy. Although, him being Swiss and all, I’m sure this body of water won’t impress him that much.