Christian Dior Resort 2015


Raf Simons – the artist – has done it again. Leave it to ol’ Raf to perfectly fuse Dior’s masculine suiting with ladylike looks. The Dior resort 2015 show that walked last night in Brooklyn peeked my interest more than any other Dior show in the past. Maybe it was the completely black suits that opened the show? The tweed coasts at the end? Probably the ah-maaay-zing sleeveless white vest with the black lapels that reached all the way down to the model’s calves (I’ve been dreaming of sleeveless vests lately, and this seems to be the perfect piece for summer…and autumn, and winter). Usually I can only appreciate the beauty of the Dior dress, emblematic of a drop-dead gorgeous and chic French woman, completely feminine, sweet and sensual, with a tiny waist and a penchant for making the a to-die-for chocolate cake. This time around, however, I envisioned myself wearing one of these dresses. I saw the movement in the skirt bottoms, perfectly balanced by the structured top. Especially the prints: subtle but still creative, sexy without being loud. Almost like the Dior woman herself.

Below are my favorite looks from the show. In my mind I’m already in Cannes, Dior-clad, sitting on a bar stool next to Marion Cortillard while I’m simply adoring those gorgeous tie-up booties on my feet.

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