Big & Tall


I suppose that my love for anything menswear or generally oversized clothing has become obvious by now, just as much as my appreciation for clothes that just fit well. As a tall individual with limbs like Gumby (I possess the elegance of green cartoon characters), I am overwhelmed by a feeling of incredible joy whenever I find, amongst other things, jeans with a 36in inseam, long sleeves that reach past my wrist, or a blazer that doesn’t make me look completely like a man (a touch of man, sure, but I’m all for retaining my femininity). My top reason for shopping in the men’s department is for the fit; the second reason is for their incredible selection of basics.

Slowly but surely more high street stores are introducing a Tall line to their collection (Zara – I’m waiting for you). I’m such a fan of Topshop exactly for that reason – they have a massive selection of Tall jeans and jackets, most of which fall into my preferred style category. At their end of winter sale I snagged this awesome/amazing/fantastic/phenomenal/spectacular oversized boyfriend coat (it’s double-oversized in my case since I bought it three sizes bigger than I usually wear….it was the only one left). It’s the best for many, many reasons: it’s black, the sleeves are deliciously long, the pockets are huge, and I have space to breathe while still looking effortless. You could say that I live in these black Topshop Jamie jeans and I have the white ones on my wish list. Since Edinburgh weather is bipolar, I had the chance to wear this winter coat plus my beloved Ray Ban sunglasses – sunny sunshine and frightening windstorms present that frustrating opportunity.

Yesterday was quite a pleasant day. I bought some more German newspapers to pour over while drinking my morning all day coffee; then Momo, Rorz and I went to a piano recital where the pianist wore a snazzy tuxedo jacket, after which Momo and Rorz came to mine and I made a pretty great spinach frittata, if I do say so myself. Today the studying continues: next week is the exam week of hell. But I shall rise from my books and notes victorious and with some reward Topshop-Tall-jeans-money burning in my pocket.

Coat: Topshop

Jeans: Topshop

Cashmere Sweater: J.Crew

Shoes: Vans

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

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