The Wanna-Be Model


Of course I’m flattered when the occasional person tells me I could be a model. Who wouldn’t be? But seeing that I am oh-so-humble and oh-so-self-deprecating, I always laugh it off with a ‘thank you’ and a gentle reminder that, in spite of my height and my general thinness, I am not cut out to be a model. Yet somewhere deep inside I do secretly think that I could be a great model – it’s easy, right? I can master all kinds of facial expressions à la Zoolander, Tyra Bank’s smizing, and a killer runway walk that would rival Karlie Kloss’. This now not-so-secret belief sits right next to my conviction that hey, I am actually a pretty okay singer (in real reality I am tone-deaf, doesn’t stop me from annoying others with my totally off-pitch serenades) and next to my dry, witty humor that makes me the life of the party (or just the really loud American).

Fake it till you make it? Possibly. But seeing as that I am not frontlining an all girl rock band nor a regular on Saturday Night Live, maybe that’s not the case. However that doesn’t stop me from playing model from time to time. A totally-conviced-in-my-modeling-abilities model, I might add. Sure, the above photo (taken in front of the national library in Vienna) is goofy and I was over-posing to mock the all too famous feeble model stance, a tiny voice inside my head was saying “Sophia, you are killing it! Someone call Anna Wintour!” I’m guessing I’m not alone here. Any obsessed fashion girl with her own personal style blog and anyone who has ever take a selfie, even, has fancied themselves a good enough model for whatever. But that’s not a bad thing, not at all! My original thought was to to call it a fun game of pretend, but really, modeling something for yourself, your blog, your readers, your Facebook friends, your real friends, your boyfriend – whatever. It’s real. Just don’t delusion yourself into thinking Elite is going to sign you and that Patrick Demarchelier is waiting, camera ready and loaded, for your amazing face/body/personality.

Seeing as that I feel silly most of the time I try and model an outfit, expect some more silly renditions of classic model poses on this blog. Just know that some were actual earnest attempts, even if my odd facial expression and awkward arm positioning doesn’t give it away.

Dress: Ralph Lauren

Shoes: Toms