The Streets of Prague



These past few weeks I have been in quite the nostalgic mood. Nostalgic for last year in Vienna and all that surrounds it. Today in particular I was thinking about the trip Swiss Guy, Rorz, Momo (my friends do have real names, I swear) and I took to Prague at the end of March last year. It was probably the coldest weekend ever. Like, apocalyptic cold. That didn’t stop us and about a billion other tourists to visit this gorgeous city. The streets were packed with people from all over the world. I don’t blame them: Prague is absolutely beautiful. Here’s a shot of the street our hostel was on. It’s one of the few quiet places we saw that weekend and – it’s cliché but an absolute must for me, a Kafkaphile, to mention – I could just imagine Josef K. sneaking through the alleys.