J’adore: Chunky Cardigan



Two Christmases ago, the other American super store did a collaboration with Neiman Marcus. Actually, Neiman Marcus collaborated with many designers who then collaborated with Target….? I’m not sure what the original idea was, especially since the entire collection wasn’t that well received. But that’s not too important. But what I got out of this deal is. And it is this fabulous chunky knit cardigan (men’s department, naturally) (how many times must I mention the long sleeves?). This particular cardigan is a Target x Neiman Marcus x Rag Bone collaboration item and I have been wholeheartedly in love with it since I bought it. It checks so many boxes on my preferred style list, including the monotone color palette, the (in this case literal) menswear element, the long sleeves, the simplicity and the versatility. I’ve worn this as a transitional piece when the suicidal leaves fell off the trees in autumn and during the slow and then abrupt global warming period that they call spring. However it’s most appreciated function was as the ultimate warmer for a nearly anemic body such as my own. This cardigan and I were nearly inseparable during the winter. Nearly, because Swiss Guy has also shown a liking for this cardigan…..Anyway, I love how I can keep the sleeves down or rolled up and they’re still long enough. Not to mention the pockets – oh, my love for a good pocket. These are divine. It’s a bit oversized, so I wear it over a pair of super skinny jeans (black), a contrasting white scarf, a chic leather accessory and there you go. Ready for any season.

Cardigan: Target x Neiman Marcus x Rag and Bone

Scarf: Zara

Camera: Fujifilm Instax

Zipper purse: Dooney and Bourke

IMG_3124 IMG_3119