My Fossil Lady Croc


…is the name I’ve given this handbag. Oh, my dear Lady Croc. I saw you in the Fossil store window in Vienna a bit over a year and a half ago and, thanks to my year abroad funding, you have been my constant companion ever since. Lady Croc is probably the one handbag that I carry almost consistently. It’s a classic shape, a beautiful leather that has worn so gracefully (like a real lady). It’s surprisingly big (camera, water bottle, snacks) and compact (walking around the city, going out) all at the same time. I easily find things and lose things in this handbag all the time.

Fossil has really upped their game over the past years. Their handbags have become really chic, with nice, quality leather. Sure, they still cater to the girly girls with their cutesy motifs and various floral/owl patterns. But I’d say that some of their products are definitely investment classics.

Proudest moment with Lady Croc: a girl in the queue for the ladies’ room at the bar where I met Swiss Guy recognizes my bag as “one of the new Fossils.” A leather handbag fanatic of my own heart, as I told Swiss Guy right away.IMG_3112 IMG_3113 IMG_3115 IMG_3116