Tickets, please



Switzerland is a wonderful country. A wonderful, expensive country. Now I’ve never been one to hesitate much before spending money, but as I see the number on my bank account more quickly than slowly spiraling into a near bankrupt abyss, I am considering becoming a person who is, as they say, fiscally responsible. Just as a clarification, most of my spending in Switzerland, or generally of late, is not in the apparel section, nor much in the beauty section, but surprisingly centered on the nourishment and caffeine department (which some might consider more important for survival than clothing…weird, right?)

I wish I had saved all of the travel tickets (train, tram, bus, and the occasional Seilbahn) that I’ve collected over the past year. Since I’m not an exclusive member of the Swiss public transportation club, I have to pay for every trip I take. And it adds up, after a while. But at least I now have a large supply of page holders and bookmarks.