Style Crush: Emmanuelle Alt


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If I there is one person in whose presence I would turn into a total, embarrassingly over-excited fashion fan girl, it would be Emmanuelle Alt. I mean, just look at these pictures. Look! Loooooook! Does it get any more – for lack of a more original description – effortless/Parisian/cool-girl chic than this?

Non, mes amis. Simplement: non.

Everything, everything she wears, all her outfits, all the blazers, the coats, the skinny jeans, the heels, the belted coats, the shirts, everything: I love. And the overwhelmingly muted color palette of blacks, grays, blues and whites makes her a girl of my own heart. I especially love the slightly oversized, double breasted blazers. “Oh this, cherie? I just threw it on.”

The looks are seemingly easy to recreate. Seemingly – that’s the important distinction. Put me in a white shirt, a blazer, a pair of skinny jeans and ankle boots and I look boring. Just that, boring and noncreative and kind of frumpy. Not as effortless and put together and I’m-French-so-what cool as Vogue Paris editor-in-chief Emmanuelle Alt. Nevertheless, I can still dream about this dream boy meets girl meets rock meets roll meets crazy awesome chic sleekness wardrobe (quite eloquently put, non?), and show my undying admiration and respect for a woman who doesn’t feel the pressure to dress like a tart.

Emmanuelle’s style is feminine but strong, easy-going but structured and yeah. J’adore. Can we be best friends?

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