Packing: Basel –> Edinburgh

IMG_3055Here we go again! Today it’s off to Edinburgh after two and half wonderful weeks in Switzerland. Time to go tackle my final exams and to battle the predictably unpredictable weather of Scotland. The good news is that the suitcase I’m dragging back is, minus a few bars of Swiss chocolate, almost completely empty: more importantly, filling it up again with the rest of my belongings in Edinburgh is a reminder that the permanent move to Zürich is imminent. And that makes the return to the ‘Burgh more bearable.

I’ve already transported a full suitcase of winter clothing to Swiss Guy’s flat and have stored it in a cardboard box that used to contain parts of a trampoline (thanks, neighbors down the road!). Moving is always a great opportunity to Spring Clean edit one’s wardrobe. However my almost obsessive habit of sorting things and tidying up has already left me with a completely edited closet. And yet the suitcases fill up with ease as I struggle to find space for another pair of shoes or some kind of pouch or book or useless piece of paper that I simply cannot part with. It’s not hoarding if the objects are vital.

That said, do you have any moving strategies that will make the transition to the Continent smoother?