The Red Lip


Nothing like a classic red lip, non? I’ve only recently purchased my first ever red lipstick. From Dior, naturally. I am still getting used to “the look” (it’s a bit fussy, and you really have to watch what you eat. Boo.) It took me a while to find the right shade. I can’t wear the too orangey colors, nor the too dark ones (unless Goth is coming back?). The make-up artist at the Dior counter at Jenner’s in Edinburgh was incredibly helpful and full of great tips as well. For instance, you should always use a lip liner first to define the edges of the lip and create a base for the lipstick. Also, never apply directly from the tube. Instead use a lip brush to evenly and precisely apply the color. And there you go: a crisp, lady-like red lip.

Dior Diorific Lipstick in 038 Diva, Collection Golden Winter

Dior Lipliner Pencil in 952 Rouge Royal

IMG_3048 IMG_3043 IMG_3041 IMG_3039

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