Veni Vidi Vichy


Wouldn’t it be awesome to wake up after a crazy night out, having slept less than the recommended eight to nine hours, but still have your significant other say to you “Wow, your skin looks really healthy”? Well, folks, let me tell ya, it happened to me.

A week ago Swiss Guy and I watched WTF and Mother’s Cake play in Neuchâtel. There were drinks and sugary cookies and smoke (second-hand pour moi) until just before sunrise. Naturally I woke up groggy with sticky eyes and a thirst that couldn’t have been satisfied even with all the contents of the lake that was glimmering just outside the window. However my now almost religious dedication to skincare mercifully – and literally – saved my face. Even when I am absolutely exhausted I still take off my makeup and wash my face thoroughly. And more recently I have started using Vichy’s Normaderm Nuit treatment. Many a beauty freak has heralded this as their HO (Holy Grail) product and I certainly must agree. In the morning I wake up fresh faced with barely visible pores. My skin isn’t oily but glowing. And, apparently, even after crazy nights like last Friday, I still wake up looking I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

Holy Grail product indeed. Paired with Vichy’s Idealia Smoothing moisturizer in the morning, your face will look and feel like brand new. Not to mention Swiss Guy’s love it.