Winner winner falafel dinner


Swiss Guy and I are classy people, paper napkins and all. So every once in a while we make something from scratch for dinner and tonight it was falafel. We encountered some difficulties (i.e. a wand mixer from the 80s that didn’t fully cooperate, thus leaving us with chickpeas that weren’t completely puréed), but in the end it was all good and so delicious. The strategy? First choose a random falafel recipe from your Google search results (I chose this one), then fail to find canned chickpeas in Switzerland, forget to soak the dried ones overnight and just soak them for a few hours during the day, use the blender from hell as mentioned above, add lots of delicious spices and, finally, fry them to your heart’s content in a pan. Add some oven-heated pita bread as the falafel-to-mouth vessel, a bit of hummus because 2 cups of falafel chickpeas just wasn’t enough and voilà! a succulent falafel meal.

IMG_3003 IMG_3006