Berlin Street Style: Sneakers


Continuing with our “Best of Berlin Street Style series, today I present to you: the sneaker.

“Whether you like them or not, what western boots are to the cowboy, the sneaker is to the Berliner. Sneakers are not only an accessory, but part of the lifestyle.” Angelika Taschen

Not to be mistaken with the footwear of nerds and American tourists, the sneaker is a fashion statement. Taschen writes that the “Berlin woman prefers to wear them in strong colors with her otherwise simple look. In summer, sneakers work with shorts or a miniskirt.”

Preferred brands, and those seen on many a Swiss girl’s foot nowadays, are Nike, New Balance, Converse and Vans. Personally I adore the simplicity of the white sneaker, either as the no-frill-but-all-thrill slip on or tie up. My sneaker of choice, then? Vans in classic white canvas (although they do have a leather version that I’d love to own as well). Below you’ll find some of the most popular and stylish models.