The Half-Tucked Shirt


The occasion? Oh, nothing. These pictures are just the result of browsing J.Crew lookbooks and WhoWhatWear slideshows, especially ones that feature the magnificent! the effortless! the totally chill! half-tucked button up shirt. Like the knit pullover, the button up is super versatile and classic and can be styled in so many ways. Recently I’ve been intrigued by the half tucked, half untucked look. It takes some of the corporate edge off the look and allows the wearer to strut around like the smart and classy tomboy lady that she is.

I love this boyfriend shirt by Gap. It’s extra roomy and has very fine blue and white stripes. The oversize is awesome as well: hello summer breeze on a hot day! But enough of shirts…the shoes! The shoes! Oh, how I love these. As with peanut butter, this was love at first sight. The kind where you walk into the shoe store, spot these babies and promise you won’t leave without them. You may notice that the heel is a bit high – yes, yes, I know, they’re not very high at all. But for those of us spending our days in the purgatory beneath the 1,80m line, they are indeed very high. But that didn’t change my mind. The straps, the buckles, the zipper down the front – these black ankle booties are perfection.

Speaking of heels though, I’ve been playing with the idea of actually starting to – gasp – wear high heels. For any other girl this wouldn’t even be a question, especially for fellow fashion devotees such as myself. But can a tall girl comfortably wear heels in daily life? How to look sleek and chic without calling attention to my awkward, spindly limbs? Where does one begin? All hints, tricks, and tips welcome.

Shirt: Gap

Jeans: Topshop

Shoes: Office

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IMG_2956 IMG_2958

IMG_2950 IMG_2951