Windy Walkabout


What a Scottish wind in Zürich today! I thought I had, at least temporarily, escaped the apocalyptic weather of Edinburgh. What started out as a mere breeze quickly turned into a hair-ruining, chill-inducing, gusty disaster.

Today Swiss Guy and I actually managed to leave the flat before noon. Usually we spend the mornings eating a leisurely breakfast, followed by our respective antisocial Internet catch-ups (Instagram…Youtube), finishing in a makeshift home workout on my part and then a late lunch. Today, however, we went for a swim in the Hallenbad, along with all the retirees, after which we trundled up to the ETH to print out very scientific and complicated looking slideshows for Swiss Guy and my less complicated but far more German exam presentation notes. Last night I remembered that I had packed my beloved sleeveless, V-neck Peter-pan collared shirts and so had planned to wear the black one today for that look of sleek Swiss sophistication. Top it off with a blue blazer and some black skinnies, velvet slipper flats, and my adored Zara clutch: voilà, the perfect outfit for an afternoon in the city.

Little did I know that the wind would be so strong towards the end of the afternoon. No pushed-back blazer sleeves for me. After a drink on the Rio terrace we quickly made our way back home, where I immediately slipped into one of my favorite men’s sweaters. Nice and cozy, totally ready for a hearty dinner and the latest episode of Game of Thrones tonight.

Jeans: Topshop

Shirt: Esprit

Blazer: Forever21

Clutch: Zara

Shoes: Zara

Sunglasses: Ray Ban

IMG_2899 IMG_2907 IMG_2918 IMG_2925 IMG_2930

IMG_2919 IMG_2932 IMG_2936