Beauty Easter Eggs


“If I could offer you only one tip for the future, sunscreen would be it.”    

These opening lines of Baz Luhrman’s Sunscreen Song are definitely the best advice, beauty or otherwise, you’ll ever get. Wearing sunscreen is vital for preserving youthful skin that is fresh, plump, and glowy, without any discolorations and wrinkles. Not to mention it protects your skin from cancerous UVA/UVB rays that will most definitely harm your skin in the long run. The problems I always found with applying straight-up sun protection to my face were 1. greasiness 2. the smell 3. clogged pores. Not the kind of skin you want to have during the summer, or during any season for that matter. After a lot of online research I purchased La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Tinted Sunscreen, SPF 50+…. XL? 50+? Sounds extreme, right? But it’s actually super light and creamy, and the tint leaves your skin with that fresh, warm weather glow even before you’re having fun under the sun. At first I thought the shade would be too dark (dreading the oompa loompa look), but it blends into the skin so nicely.

Weleda’s Skin Food is a beauty favorite worldwide, beloved by models and make-up artists alike. I first saw it when I was in Vienna, but didn’t get around to trying it until Edinburgh last November. Four tubes of this baby later, it’s clear that I am a total addict. It basically is what it says: skin food. For your entire body. Mostly I use it at night for my hands and face. I’ve also been using it for my feet, until I read in the Berlin Street Style that there is a Weleda foot cream as well! A few days ago I bought it here in Zürich and my feet have never been happier. It’s rich but soaks in really quickly so that your feet are ready to go at any time. Although it’s not quite sandal season for me yet, it’s nice knowing my feet are well taken care of.

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