OOTD (with special highlight on neckerchiefs!)


Let’s start off with stating the obvious: I require either a full-time, personal photographer or, more realistically, a tripod. But for now I must stick to the amateur level of the “selfie” format for documenting my most well put together outfits (in my mind, at least the ones I am proud of). Today I find myself in a Zara Men sweater which is awesome for several reasons, the most important being that it has long sleeves. Embarrassingly enough, I saw a guy today that was wearing the exact same sweater. Or maybe it means that we both have good taste in knitwear? I’ve topped it off with a Gap menswear-inspired-but-still-made-for-the-fairer-sex blazer. To tie it all together I’ve knotted a Zara neckerchief around my neck for that extra flair of prep and maybe, just maybe, a hint of Frenchness. My stems find themselves in the usual black jeans, this time around from Levi’s (in other cases you’ll find me wearing Gap or Topshop. Again, they make looong sizes).

But let’s return to the neckerchief, or kerchief, or whatever you like to call it. I’ve always like them, but there’s a danger of running into the old lady territory. When I was a child, my mother frequently tied one around my neck. A blue, white checkered one with teddy bears, for instance, and then the standard bright flower type. Obviously the ones I wear now aren’t made of silk, but that is the ideal. Actually, Hermès is the ideal, but here again I find myself in the student category with its financial boundaries.

In Vienna I wore a neckerchief to a party once where no less than three people commented on me wearing one. They has apparently “never seen a girl wearing a Halstuch,” which I honestly find very difficult to believe. It didn’t bother me, especially since the majority of these people were self proclaimed hipsters and I could have just as well commented on what they were wearing.

Going back to Hermès real quick, they did recently release an app that instructs the lucky owner of a Hermès scarf on how to wear and tie it in multiple ways. For my own purpose and pleasure, I like to keep it simple. Usually I’ll just roll it up and tie it like a sailor, as seen here. Sometimes it looks more cowboy. I wish I had the magnificent voluminous hair and face shape to pull off the 50s housewife, tied-around-the-head look. But until that happens, I’ll just keep wearing them like this. Cutesy, but hey.

IMG_2667 IMG_2680