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get the look: Emmanuelle Alt

get the look: Emmanuelle Alt by sacdujour featuring skinny pants

Item of the Day: Sandqvist “LISBET” black leather shopper

Considering Back to School Shopping, I have my eyes set on a good and sturdy leather shopper to tote around all my vital crap in (laptop, notebook, phone, pens, multiple PB&Js, socks….etc.) I’ve… Continue reading

Shopping: Back to School

Aaahhhh back to school. I don’t care if Back to School Shopping has recently been deemed as “uncool” by the youngsters, I am still über excited. Not that I am doing any actual… Continue reading

Models off Duty

A little fashion inspiration gallery for you all, ’cause there ain’t nothing like the MOD (model off duty) style. Due to their genetic blessings they can obviously throw anything on their bodies and… Continue reading

Style Crush: Caroline de Maigret

To Swiss Guy’s dismay, I really adore the French. Or just the Parisians. Which, I guess, is the only relevant French person in the fashion world (or not. Prove me wrong!). And so,… Continue reading

Berlin Photo Diary

So. I finally, finally made it to my country’s capital. Twenty-two years is a long time, eh? Swiss Guy and I made the trip up there last week to visit his aunt and… Continue reading

Item of the Day: Zara Jacket (“Collarless Frock Coat”…)

“Long black collarless frock coat. Straight tailored cut. Front flapless pockets. Tailored back.” Are you in love yet? I certainly am. It doesn’t look like something that is incredibly special from the picture… Continue reading

Black on Black

Is wearing just black all the time really a necessity? For me, yes. Well, not all the time, of course, but for most of the time it is. Right off the bat let me just… Continue reading

Item of the Day: Asos Lace Ups

  Confession: I am really late to the Asos game. So late, in fact, that I’ve never even ordered from the site, nor have I ever even put an item in the online… Continue reading

Lone Wolf Magazine

Damn. And do I mean Damn with a big fat capital D. Lone Wolf magazine is damn fabulous. Yesterday I came across an interview with Lone Wolf founder Natalia Borecka on Refinery29. Not… Continue reading

Item of the day: Yves Saint Laurent Hat

  Can you tell that I am in full fall shopping mode? I’ve got coats, boots, tights and hats on my mind. And I wish I had this hat on my head as… Continue reading

The Kooples Campaign

I love The Kooples. It’s just the right mix of chic and rock and roll. And their ads feature real couples (at least that’s what they say). In Edinburgh I would longingly linger… Continue reading

Item of the Day: Zara Grey Jumpsuit

  Lately I’ve been finding new joy in online window shopping, next to my usual, sigh-filled window shopping in real life. Not only that, but my shopping/style mind has been jumping over to… Continue reading

Style Crush: Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen

Layers. Layers. Layers. The Olsen guide to dressing basically rests upon how many layers you can wrap around your body and still be a functional, Starbucks cup toting, chic human being. Mary Kate… Continue reading